Bryn Oh and the Rabbicorn

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Do you know what a Rabbicorn is? No? Don’t worry – it’s a fantasy animal thought up by the artist Bryn Oh, part rabbit, part unicorn. And today, Friday, she opens an exhibition at the IBM3 sim telling a story about this wonderful creature.

The story is being told in tableaus that you teleport between. Bettina Tizzy has said it’s like walking through a 3d picture book, and that is so true.

As for so much else of Bryn’s work, the story of the Rabbicorn is a sad and beautiful one, about loss, not belonging and being different, but it’s also told with a warm sense of humour.


The different tableaus might be the best work Bryn has done so far. Each a room, they’re beautifully lit, worked out with great attention to detail, there are some surprises here and there, and of course poems lying around telling you the story.

In fact, the atmosphere is so special that Bryn has decided no more than five people can be inside the exhibition at once. It’s easy to understand why: Standing in a laggy crowd would bring down the experience significantly. So if you don’t make it in on your first try, try again.


Here is Bryn describing the exhibition in her own words:

«Quite some time ago I thought up a character called the Rabbicorn. Part rabbit part unicorn. I built up this whole story in my mind about where she came from and how. I sketched it out wrote down the story and then I promptly put it on the shelf and made the Gashlycrumb Tinies build for Arcspace.

The Rabbicorn is connected to a variety of the characters I make, but to me she is one of my favorites. I had always planned on making this story in Second Life but I never had the space to do it properly. Immersiva is the world she lives in but to tell her story there would require me to delete most everything. So I was quite happy when IBM approached me to use one of their full sims for a project, and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.»

Coming soon

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The generous Four Yip has been so kind as to let me borrow a piece of land from her. There, I’ve built a small shack, and it’ll soon be filled with some of the houses and other things I’ve made. More information will follow when everything gets a bit more organized.

Some fine furniture at Construct

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One of my best friends in Second Life, Cat Carfagno, is not only a very nice person – she’s also a brilliant designer of furniture and flowers and plants. When we met, she had a few small shops, but they sadly disappeared due to this and that.


But now I’m happy to say that CC has got a big shop of her own, and it’s definitely the place if you’re looking for some high class couches, chairs, tables, beach furniture, plants, flowers, fruit, and, um, a sausage. CC’s trademark is simplicity paired with elegance and taste.


Do yourself a favour, and visit Construct on this slurl. Wonderful for both shopping and getting inspired.

Three little birds

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I went to the shop Happy Mood here the other day to buy some birds I’d seen at another sim – how cute they are ^_^ They’re neither expensive nor primmy, and they’re even copy, which means you can have a whole flock of birds on your porch if you’d like. I go for three, though, as Bob Marley did. And they chirp!

Another vernissage

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I don’t really intend this blog to only be about me and my photo exhibitions, but: I really want to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone that came to Camera Obscura last night and made it yet another fun vernissage. It really wouldn’t be the same to host an opening if no one came.

At the picture above, yours truly is speaking to one of her heroes (but also friends), the SL architect DB Bailey. Eva, Loup, Cienega, Gina, Tina, Seik, Milla, Roxelo, Nena, Pompelle, Mescaline, Velazquez, Josina, and everyone I met for the first time: So great seeing you all :-)

New exhibition

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Now we’ve finally managed to set a date for my exhibition at Camera Obscura in Diabolus – it will be today. At 1pm slt, or 22:00 cet, to be precise. I’ll be there, so it’d be fun if you came along as well. There will be chilled champagne for everyone, and hopefully some good music and company as well.

New exhibition – soon

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My friend MillaMilla Noel has invited me to exhibit pictures at her gallery Camera Obscura in Diabolus. I’ve given her 22 pictures. Only problem now, is that my user has such a hectic schedule these days in her first life that it’s difficult for me to settle an opening date – but I’m sure we’ll find one eventually.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the photographs in this catalogue that the gallery has made. (Yeah, they’ve spelled my name wrong, but what the heck. It’s fun.)

Discovering Zaara

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How lovely it is to stumble upon a new shop full of clothes that you want – even more so when you actually can afford them as well. Zaara is such a new find to me. (I should mention Zaara Kohime actually opened her shop in January. I’ve obviously suffered from some kind of blindness.)

It was love at first sight as I entered this Indian clothes store. That came as quite a surprise, as I’m usually not the one that’s likely to dress up in a lot of different colours. But the colourful Mala freebie is wonderful, and so are most of their items.


My first purchase was something that didn’t surprise any of my friends: Black Ishaya slacks and a black Isis shirt (the transparency might have surprised some, though).


Afterwards, I got hold of a Nilaya raw silk cross jacket and a pair of Mitya shorts.

Those are the ones I’ve photographed so far. What you should see me wear soon is one of the fabulous saris that’s also for sale. Gee, I might as well buy everything at once and get it over and done with.

PS: My shoes in the first picture are from Tesla. They have a store in the Zaara sim.


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So my exhibition «Moon River» opened this last Sunday, and I felt such a thrill as people trickled in. The vernissage lasted nearly four hours. I would like to thank everyone that came by and said so many nice words about my work.

Most of all, though, I’d like to thank the gallery owner, Gina Glimmer, for giving me the opportunity to do this: Thank you, Gina :-)

Please come by Gina Glimmer’s Gallery to have a look if you’d like.

Moon River

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Dear everyone

This Sunday, on the 31st of May, noon SLT, I open my new exhibition «Moon River» in Gina Glimmer’s Gallery.

The pictures are inspired by the song with the same name, and the scene in «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» where Audrey Hepburn plays and sings it. (Hence the guitar.)

I hope as many as possible can come. If not to the opening, then later. You’re all very welcome :-)

Here are the lyrics:

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I’m crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you’re going I’m going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There’s such a lot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end –
waiting ’round the bend,
my Huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.