dresden art gallery


one thing you have see to believe is the dresden art gallery. type “dresden gallery” in search, and off you go to an absolutely stunning collection of old master paintings. we’re talking raphael, botticelli, rembrandt, rubens, el greco, and many others. all in all, 750 paintings from the rl gemäldegalerie alte meister is on display. and when you click on a painting, you get a notecard with information.

as you can see from this exterior shot, the gallery itself is as impressive as the paintings. actually, it’s only a part of the huge zwinger palace. it’s faithfully reconstructed and beautifully done. the gift shop has free paintings and clothing, so be sure to visit that as well.

the old masters picture gallery is the first museum of its kind to open its doors 1:1 in the virtual world, so this is historical. one day, all museums will have two locations. one in real life, and a replica in second life.

Here’s a picture from inside the gallery.


~ by theresecarfagno on June 24, 2007.

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