no, it wasn’t fun, really

am i the only one who’s looking at other second life residents’ blogs and flickr photos and go “wow, omg, look at that, what they’ve been up to. that sure looks like fun.”

surely not. and i’m sure, most of it has been really fun too. i mean, that’s why we continue to live our second lives. but i also suspect that some things are more fun when presented by pictures and told about afterwards, than they actually were.

one example. here the other day, i attended a giant snails race. wow, yeah, that sounds fun. and it looks fun too, in pictures. but being there, trying to follow the race, was a long and frustrating experience. you know why: the lag, the bugs, trying to fly, and then bump into a no entrance-fence, etc. adding to the effect, this race crossed several sims, and strange things happen ever so often when you cross from one to another. suddendly, you’re … where?

why all the complaining? because first, i meant to write a jolly post about this race. giant snails, ha ha, really funny, and it was for a good cause. but no. that would be lying. it wasn’t fun. at least not as fun as it should be (although there were some hilarious moments to cherish as well).

i watched one of the shrek movies here the other day, and i felt really sorry thinking what sl would be if it could resemble that kind of animation only by a fraction. to see giant snails actually move, effortlessly, elegant, instead of getting a picture update for every 20 yards. i’m not blaming linden lab here, i’m sure they’re doing what they can. but until sl looks more like shrek, i guess, um, what’s the point i’m trying make here?

oh, you know it :–)


~ by theresecarfagno on July 18, 2007.

One Response to “no, it wasn’t fun, really”

  1. i know exactly what you mean – and do you ever find that planned events are a real disappointment because of lag, while sometimes you pop into SL briefly, stumble across something/someone fantastic and emerge hours later sore with (RL) laughter? happened to me last night, and was having such a good time i forgot to take any screenshots… dammit!

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