visiting the greenies


should second life try to look as much like first life as possible, with malls, gardens, music clubs and cafés? or should we use its possibilities to create something genuinely new?

i’d say both, really, cause i like both. i like meeting friends for a coffee and go shopping with them. but i also think there could be more strange stuff. that’s why it’s such a joyous revelation to visit the greenies. who are they? well, they’re little green men from somewhere out there, and they’ve come to visit earth. more precisely, they’ve taken up residence in an apartment that looks like a cartoon from the fifties, apart from the laptop and the ipod on the table. in that apartment, they’re up to all kinds of things, like stealing the cat’s food, smoking weed, messing around with the toothpaste, and letting the bird out of the cage.

but if they are small, then so are you too in this apartment. as you can see from the picture, the canary bird is much larger than me. you feel like a mouse in this house.

and then there’s the exploring. i won’t tell you too much, but search, and you’ll find ways to get to their mothership, which is definitely worth a visit as well.

have a good time! it’s hard not to when you’re with the greenies.

you can see more pics on my flickr page.


~ by theresecarfagno on July 25, 2007.

One Response to “visiting the greenies”

  1. ohhh, so these are the greenies! looking forward to the tour…

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