As people who’ve been to my Flickr pages will know, I’m not always the serious journalist with the critical questions on an everlasting quest to shake the foundations of society and bring down those in power. Sometimes, I just like to dress up and shake it loose on a stage. And that’s why I’ve been so thankful for a place called The Champagne Rooms. It was a stylish place with a polite audience, and fabulous colleagues and managers. I write “it was”, beacuse it has, sadly, been closed.

But help is on its way. Tabitha, a former manager, has set out to create the Flashman Follies at a club called … Flashmans. Which is excellent in two ways, since I already happen to be quite a regular there. I guess you could argue that Flashmans is a little more un-polished than TCR, with rats scurrying the floor, and opium and absinthe being available at the bar. And you won’t see me use the toilets outside. But at the same time: In the heydays of burlesque, it wasn’t often they performed in upper-class joints. It was a way of creating that little piece of glamour in a life that might otherwise be a little grey and shabby.

So here’s me, waiting at Flashmans to enter the stage as a Flashman Folly. Hope to see you there when we get going.

PS: To please Veronique, I’ve now begun writing with capital letters in conventional places :–)


~ by theresecarfagno on August 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. What a sweetie! But you don’t have to please old-fashioned me, hon. I do, however, wonder why anyone ever writes or types without caps. Maybe I’m missing something.

    We’ll have to get back to Flashmans soon.

  2. Really, Veronique, I’ve been considering capital letters for a while. I just needed an excuse to start. So thank you for that one.

    See you at Flashmans!

  3. I agree with Veronique on the caps issue ;) And as for those boots, WHERE – ARE – THEY – FROM????!!!!

  4. Wouldn’t you like to know, Caterin? Tam-dee-dam-dee-dam… Okay, they’re Victorian ankle boots from Shiny Things, and I already have them in three colours :–) These are the black ones.

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