Fighting breast cancer, SL style


The Relay for Life campaign against cancer is a success that shows how much the SL community is actively involved in non-profit causes. It’s something that actually makes me a little proud of being an SL citizen. Last year, the relay raised more than US$ 41,000, while the 2007 campaign so far has made L$ 32,122,298 for the American Cancer Society.

Now, the Gustave Roussy cancerology institute in France has launched a similar campaign that will take place in October, the international month for breast cancer awareness. It’s called Pink for Life.

So what will they do? The word is out to all creators of content in SL to contribute with items that can be sold at an eBay auction. Yogi Huldschinsky of ConceptSL, the company that organizes the in-world campaign for the cancerology institute, says they are looking for “furniture, clothes, accessories and miscellaneous”. Twenty items of each category will be chosen and exhibited in the Elyseum sim before the auction. Want to contribute? Just remember: The item’s dominant colour must be pink. Pictures of creations can be sent by email to before September 20.

The exhibition will open in the Elyseum on the 1st of October.


~ by theresecarfagno on September 12, 2007.

One Response to “Fighting breast cancer, SL style”

  1. Hello,
    We have updates about this event. Please contact me therefore i give you the full data !
    Regards, Nicolas from ConceptSL

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