This is Halloween


Halloween is coming. What better to put on than designer Kaia Ennui’s clothes from her own shop Nocturnal Threads. Beware …

TC: How long have you been in Second Life?

KE: For two and a half years.

TC: Did you come to make clothes?

KE: In a large part, I did come to make clothing, but not with any goal of having a lucrative business. After reading an article about SL that mentioned fashion design, I was intrigued. I had to join just to see what the heck it was. Within two days I was downloading clothing templates and making my first outfits which I still have in my inventory today. Needless to say, I was hooked and opened Nocturnal Threads about a month later.

TC: Do you make clothes in RL as well?

KE: Right now I only occasionally make my own deconstructed clothing and have the t-shirt designs based on my webcomic GingerDead and Friends and also a line of t-shirts based on Second Life humor. Some of the outfits I make in Second Life, I would love to see in RL, particularly the GingerDead collection. The comic would really be so perfect for merchandising.

TC: How has your career developed?

KE: My designs are more detailed now than when I started. After I started bringing in some money from Nocturnal Threads, I was able to treat myself to a wacom tablet. This made a huge difference as I can draw directly on the templates or ”fabric”. This opened up so many more possibilites that I believe have improved the line.

TC: What inspires you?

KE: Everything inspires me. From music, paintings, and film to my own mood or sense of humor. I think my work is on the pop surrealist side but with an underlying elegance.

TC: What about movie director Tim Burton?

KE: I love Burton. The store design and logo definitely have a heavy Burton influence. But, the dark, spooky cute art style really has founding fathers in Charles Addams (whose Addams family television program was first a comic that regularly appeared in the New Yorker) and Edward Gorey. Today there are many artists that embrace this style, like Katy Towell and David Firth.

TC: How much of what you do is driven by what you think the market is interested in?

KE: I can’t worry too much about the market. I simply have to do what I personally want to do. It wouldn’t come out as good otherwise. Luckily, the market seems to like what I make. This doesn’t mean I don’t consider what my customers’ preferences are. I do. I know what color schemes will sell best but ultimately I’m led by my spirit.

TC: What are your favourite items in your store at the moment?

KE: I usually find my favorite items are my newest, but I do have some overall faves. Nocturne is one that merges my style, which I refer to as avant-goth, with my real life hobby and passion for the art of mehndi, henna tattoos. I used the stores black and white stripey look with the comic’s tendency to have a splash of red against greyscale and made a sexy flirty prim skirt set. By embellishing the set with hand drawn mehndi designs I brought one of my other talents into the mix. So this piece really is a signature set for Nocturnal Threads, and thus an obvious fave.

TC: Where do you enjoy shopping in SL and what other designers’ clothing do you wear?

KE: Okay, this is where I come across as a snob. The truth is I only wear my own. It’s not that I think I’m better than everyone. I just always have made what I liked to wear and it helps keep me designing, when I’m tired of one outfit and want something new. Also, I don’t really stay up on other fashion designers. This is wrong, perhaps, but I feel like I don’t want to be inadvertantly influenced by another designers’ work. I sort of live in my own head and that works for me. I do shop though. I love buying skins and hair. Some skin faves are Nomine, Pixel Dolls and HoseQueen. For hair I’m a sucker for Panache. I occasionally shop ETD and others as well. Oh, and shoes. I love Jeepers Creepers, Beckenbauer and, of course, Shiny Things.

TC: What’s it like seeing someone wear your clothes?

KE: It warms my little black heart, of course. ;)

This interview is also featured in the latest edition of Essence Magazine.

The doll’s name is Veronique, and she comes from LicoLico.


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