Meeting AM Radio


Sometimes, speaking to someone, it’s as if you’re old friends, even if you’ve just met. AM Radio is the creator of the wonderful Wheatfield sim. We’ve met by chance twice, and last time we got a lenghty talk. Oh, about Second Life, art, the Romantic movement, and his homeplace in Illinois. Hope I’m not breaking a big secret when I say this, but the Wheatfield is based on the surroundings where he lives, and from his own truck he’s taken the pictures that surrounds the sim.

In First Life, he works in IBM, but he’s also an educated artist. The two pictures on the left are his own. As you can see, he does both abstract and figurative, stressing that you can’t do the first without knowing the second. Nowadays, he says, he doesn’t paint much, preferring to explore the digital world instead. He compared it with the intensions of the Romantic painters, creating imaginary, beautiful worlds. I asked if he’d built other sims as well. Yes, he said, but couldn’t say which. That was some IBM secret or something.

AM actually never intended the Wheatfield to be a public place. He just made it as his own private Idaho. But, said a friend of his, you have to put this somewhere. Luckily, her sim had just enough space for the Wheatfield to be laid out.

He does a lot of charity work. Copies of the Wheatfield are for sale, and all the money goes to Heifer International – a non-profit organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through self-reliance and sustainability.

Okay, you better go in-world now, and see the Wheatfield with your own eyes.

Here’s a link to a larger version of the picture above.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Meeting AM Radio”

  1. Ah, the mystery is revealed! Thanks so much for this Tess, and thanks for showing me Wheatfield, it is a lovely place.

  2. […] surprise of this visit was encountering the builder himself, Mr AM Radio (see Therese’s interview with him). We sat down together and had a slow, relaxed […]

  3. […] Read More about the Designer, A.M. Radio […]

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