Is Quisling a good name, Lindens?


Yesterday, in a group chat, I saw someone with «Quisling» as her surname. I must say it surprised me, and I’d like to ask the Lindens if they truly know what the name means.

I’m from Norway. Norway was attacked and occupied by the Nazis on the 9th of April 1940. My grandfather fought against them before he fled to Sweden. When the elected Norwegian government fled, Vidkun Quisling from the fascist National Union Party (Nasjonal Samling) seized power together with the occupiers. He was responsible for a lot of people’s deaths. After the war, he was shot as a traitor. His surname, Quisling, has since then been used to describe traitors and collaborationists.

So that’s why, dear Lindens, I ask: Of all the names in the world, why have you chosen to make this name an option for new residents? You wouldn’t use «Hitler» as an option, would you? I urge you to remove it before it becomes too embarrassing.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Is Quisling a good name, Lindens?”

  1. this is extraordinary – I can’t imagine how this name came to be used. Have you made a formal complaint?

  2. It seems to have gone already :-)

  3. Hi Marion. No, I haven’t made a formal complaint, but I’ve suggested for Second Life News Network that they make an article on it and ask the Lindens.

    I’m glad you tell me it’s gone. But I did a person search last night, and there are quite a few residents already who’s chosen the name. I’m not sure if they should be offered a new name.

  4. Really quite appalling!

  5. That’s appalling, Tess. I wonder if it’s indicative of the general ignorance of history that seems too common nowadays. Sorry it had to be that particular name.

  6. True, Cat and Veronique. And you might be on to something, Veronique. I don’t think anyone would have chosen this name if they knew what it meant.

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