Dickens goes skating


Megg Demina, the business woman and fashion designer that’s given Second Life a whole range of creative hats, shoes and accessoires from her Chapeau tres Mignon shops, has some plans for the upcoming holiday season. On December 1st, she’ll open a brand new ice rink outside her mainstore. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but I decided to wait until December.”

To get the work finished in time, Demina will have to close her store. “Because lovely people will come to me when I’m building and want to chat, and I’m so easily distracted,” she says. “But not for more than seven days I hope. The last week in November.”

It’s big work to build an ice rink, and Demina is not the person to release a sloppy product. “I want it to be really nice. I also need to change the landscape here to be winter.” And all this just so she can sell more skates and ear muffs? “No, ha-ha. Just because I think it’s nice for winter time. Somewhere romantic for people to meet and hang out. A good place for dates, I hope. And I love snow.”

In these days, where the climate changes are coming on, SL might end up as the only place with a piece of snow. “I remember snowy christmases as a child, but I haven’t seen those for years,” Demina sighs. She says a lot of what she makes are influenced by things she loved as a child. “Like my new bunny ear muffs. They’re a copy of a pair I used to have when I was a little girl.” She also says her new shop in the Fashion Victim sim was made to look like a children’s book illustrator that she loves.

She’s not too eager to say what the ice rink will look like. “That’s a surprise. But there will be a launch party with dj’s and stuff.” Asked if she can’t lift the veil just a little, she says: “It will be formal. And it will be inspired by wintery film classics such as «Scrooge». Hm, better to say, it will have a ‘Dickensian’ feel,” Demina says, and goes back to work.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dickens goes skating”

  1. oh, let’s go skating Tess…and I do love that jumper you’re wearing! Cat x

  2. We shall definitely go skating, Cat. It’ll be fun. But, um, that’s Megg on the picture, not me ;-)

  3. coughs, ah yes, my eyes were on the jumper…:)

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