The Quisling debate

Second Life News Network asked me to write about the Quisling name in an opinion article. I so did, and it’s quite exciting (and a little scary) to see it has spawned a lot of debate. Some people criticize me, others support me. Click here for the full story.

See below for the Quisling blog post.


~ by theresecarfagno on December 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Quisling debate”

  1. Actually I think few people are aware of the implications the name choice has. I would have used my RL name upon signup, had it been available. And while – at the beginning – I wished I have chosen a more androgynous name, I made my peace with it now. However I know at least 3 people who are really unhappy with their name, but who have acquired too much of a track record (read: inventory) to start all over.

    I personally would think that LL should allow one single namechange within the first 3 months. Maybe charge for it, to put up a barrier. Of course friend’s should be updated automatically etc. I’m sure it’s doable, and I’m sure it will be a good help for many players.

  2. I agree, Peter. I don’t think most people know the meaning of «Quisling» today. So why make a fuzz of it? Just so that the Lindens will start checking the names they’re using. That won’t hurt.

  3. Good for you Tess for bringing this to all our attention. Cat x

  4. I met a Quisling last night. She was not aware of the background of the name, and was kind of shocked when I told her. She said she’s not going to change it, but now she’s better prepared of possible reactions.

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