Flowers are the sexy bits of plants


A new piece of art is about to be opened in SL, and oh my what a piece it is. Behind it stands the combined forces of four good people: Douglas Story, Desdemona Enfield, Dizzy Banjo and Poid Mahovlich. The name of the piece is «DynaFleur», cause it’s a lot about flowers. On my first visit, I brought Caterin with me, and her blue appearance looked really smart in front of the orange flowers.

You start on a platform. From there, you take a dive and walk through a vastly coloured tunnel (below). Turn up your volume and use headphones if you have; music is an important part of the experience. Then, you enter a huge, open room, decorated by large pictures behind transparent curtains. Fly up to them, and the curtains split as you approach, exposing the beauty of flowers and leafs.


On my second visit, I brought DB Bailey with me. He was impressed, and also found something erotic about the whole thing.

“Well, flowers are the sexy bits of plants, we can’t help that,” says Douglas Story, the photographer, when I meet him. He admits to be “ecstatic” about how the whole thing has turned out. “It’s very close to the original vision.”

Desdemona is the builder who takes care of the more technical stuff. “I’m the scriptrix, so I make things happen,” she smiles. In short: Douglas provides the pictures, shapes and textures, and then Desdemona works miracles with them. “I get great satisfaction from realizing the concepts of people. It’s quite a rush.” She and Douglas are quite a team, having worked a lot together before, for example on the FlowerBall.

Dizzy Banjo has made a lot of soundscapes for different places in SL. He was asked by Douglas to contribute music and sounds for this piece, and glad to accept. “During the process, I tried recognizable tuned elements for the tunnel, but it felt more appropriate to create a sort of ‘cloud’ of technological sounds.”

The last leaf of the clover is Poid Mahlovich, but her I didn’t meet. I’ll only say she did the terraforming, that is: Building the landscape where the huge art piece could be placed properly. Douglas only has good things to say about her: “She put up with all my whining about ’can you make that valley a little wider?’” he laughs, adding: “Both Poid and Dizzy have been fantastic, contributing with creative ideas.”

«DynaFleur» will be all ready and open to public on the 5th of January. Here is the slurl.


~ by theresecarfagno on January 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Flowers are the sexy bits of plants”

  1. It is a lovely piece of work, I love Douglas’ quote! :)

  2. Since historically women have typically left me feeling blue, I’m glad to have had that effect on at least one. Look at her against the orange! Wonderful….
    Glad you could make it by the installation, Therese and thank you for your kind words.

  3. Yay Caterine, it was a given headline ;-)

    Douglas: I’m glad I could make it too, and I hope you’ll get lots of visitors.

  4. […] at Cetus, and gave me the LM for this fantastic installation by Douglas Story and friends, which Therese has also written about. When we got kicked out of Cetus (thank you Lindens ;-)), I TP’d over to have a look. The […]

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