Would you please like to help?


The newspaper where I write, the Second Life News Network, has gone through some difficulties the past few weeks, but now things seem to be going okay. During the process, I’ve said yes to become associate editor for the Arts and Entertainments section.

That means I will now have stay up to date on the cultural life of SL – and I’m really looking forward to that. But I can’t manage to do it by myself. There’s too much going on.

So that’s why I ask you, dear readers and friends, if you will be so kind to help me. Hear about anything about to happen? Tell me! Tell me about gallery openings, concerts, book releases, competitions and events of all kinds, new art installations, people that do interesting things, people with plans, good groups, crazy ideas, new builds and sims, communities and causes. Please, I want to know everything.

The sooner the better, even if it’s a whole week till something takes place, cause I will now have to find writers that can do the job. Plus, we like to bring the news first. The easiest way of telling me is either to give me a notecard or an IM, or, if you prefer, you can reach me at theresecarfagno[at]gmail.com.

That’s it. I hope you will overwhelm me with good ideas.


~ by theresecarfagno on January 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Would you please like to help?”

  1. oh, congratulations! And you got the fun job – culture! Well my suggestion is…uh…Kyle of course! Cat x

  2. Thanks Cat, you’re right. Someone should do a profile on Kyle.

  3. Congratulations, Tess! Hope it’s enjoyable for you. And only as much work as you can handle. :)

  4. Wooohoooo!

  5. Congratulations – sounds a great job!

    The Cetus Gallery District is planning some fundraising activities for New Orleans artists affected by Hurricane Katrina, including a masquerade ball and an art auction – it would be great if you could cover that. Tricia Aferdita (who I think you know) is the person to contact.

  6. Thank you so much everybody.
    Veronique: I’ve been thinking about the amount of work. I promise you I will quit if I feel it gets too much.
    Peter: Yay!
    Marion: That sounds brilliant. Yes, I know Tricia, and will contact her as soon as I can.

  7. Well, I don’t know if it qualifies as “culture”…
    I notice you have a fashion link to Kyoot Army, so you might know this already, but their sim (Silent) is quite fantastic. I’d love to read some sort of a story about it; all the blog entries I’ve read so far are along the lines of “…new prim…noir…Silent…” followed by 6 paragraphs and 9 pictures about the clothes. (I probably read the wrong blogs.)
    Anyway, there’s a group on Flickr for Silent pictures (another great idea – that place can really fire people’s imagination): http://www.flickr.com/groups/612302@N21/
    Nope, I don’t know anybody there… I just thought this was worth sharing.

  8. Hi Serenpidity. Architecture is definitely culture. For some strange and mysterious reason, I haven’t been to Silent yet, but oh I will do. Now, since the sim is already up, it isn’t news anymore, but what can be done, is to trace the builders and ask if they have any new projects coming up, and then do a story that incorporates Silent. Thanks for giving me the idea :-)

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