All aboard the Crabcakes and Escargot Line!


Cat gave me a real scolding last night for my blog neglect – well deserved. (I had some excuses, but I won’t bother you with them.) So I promised her our visit to Tracy Lynne’s trains at East Kimberley would result in a blog post.

This is merely me doing my homework then? Oh no, these trains deserves a thousand blog posts, cause you’ve never seen anything like them, neither in FL or SL. They’re the cutest things. ”So, trains. I like them,” Cat said, after I had given her enough compliments for her beautiful new skin (to change the subject from blog neglect).

The trains are called the The Crabcakes and Escargot Line, and really: The locomotives are snails, and if you peek through the door of a wagon, you’ll see a giant crab covered in ice. Another wagon is butter, a third is olive oil from Louis Gasse, and the balloon floating behind the train has a basket made of garlic. All you need for a great meal is some fresh bread. I asked Cat, a native English speaker, what crabcakes are, but she wasn’t sure. ”Cakes made from crabs?” We settled for that.


First, we sat in a wagon shaped like a boat, before we climbed on top of the locomotive and found a very cozy spot where Cat held me tight. Have I mentioned she wore a beautiful skin? And her dress was a freebie. The last wagon had a flag saying «Independent State of Caledon», and Cat told me ”Caledon is derived from Caledonian, which is an ancient name for Scotland.”

I had been there the night before, and when I came back, big changes had been undertaken. Another locomotive, and all the wagons. It’s obvious Tracy is using this place to build and prepare something, but I’m not sure what. Is this the beginning of a new and huge train company? Will it go to Caledon? Is it built by Scottish nationalists? And will there be bread?


~ by theresecarfagno on February 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “All aboard the Crabcakes and Escargot Line!”

  1. Glad you liked my new skin! I loved those trains. We should go to Caledon, it is a huge and lovely place, not sure about the Scot nats though…

  2. Cat doesn’t know what crabcakes are? Oh, you poor, deprived people! Crabcakes are crab, some kind of binder (not too much), and herbs and spices, made into patties and fried. They are totally yummy, as long as the crab is fresh.

    If either of you ever visits the west coast of Canada, we will have crabcakes. ^.^

  3. I’d like to visit Caledon any day, Cat. And afterwards, we can go to the west coast of Canada to have yummy crabcakes with you, Veronique :–)

  4. Oh, I would LOVE some crabcakes in Canada!

  5. So… now you know what a crabcake is…
    I guess you also know that you can eat escargots too :) Did you notice the clove of garlic and the olive oil can on the table. These go well with escargots ;-)

    Your pictures are fabulous ! I wonder also how this place is going to evolve. As for Caledon, you *must* go there !!! It will provide endless material for you blog.


  6. Ay Suzanne, yes – I know escargots can be eaten, but I’ve never tried ;-) If they’re soaked in garlic and I get some bread on the side, I’ll give it a try. Shall we all go to Caledon one day?

  7. So you want to try exotic cuisine…

    Caledon is so huge… Maybe we should plan several days. I suggest we start by SteamSky City or the Library. I have some pictures of these places in my stream, check out my ‘Wandering in Caledon’ set on flickr.

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