Pickpockets and loose women


I have some good news, and some bad news. Let’s get the bad ones over and done with: Flashmans, the best hang out in SL, is closing. Its charming owner, Martin Ren, wants to step down and take it easy. Instead of lamenting this, I’ll just say: Thanks, Martin! Better to have had a Flashmans that’s closing, instead of never having had it.

Okay, now: The thrilling good news. Martin came to the opening of a new club this week called Esotericum – and it’s a fabulous club! For everyone familiar with Flashmans, the place can best be described as mini version of said club. The same jazz age look and feeling, black and white photos on the wall, and wonderful vintage music from their private stream. I’m deeply in love with the place already. Martin said it: ”This is what the SL Titanic should have done.”

It’s built by two friends of mine called Echo Underwood and Phideaux Mayo. I got to know Phi at Flashmans, and we found each other in a common love for the place, and everything jazz age related. ”This is a retreat for the gifted and lazy,” she says about the Esotericum.

I brought Cat with me, and she asked what context their esoterism belonged to. ”Are you mystics?” ”God, no,” answered Phi, and Echo said: ”It’s just jazz age nonsense. The only time I get mystical is after too much gin.”


I found myself feeling quite mystical after I’d taken … No, wait, I won’t say what. You have to find out for yourself. As you can see, it surrounded me with smoke like the Orachle of Delphi. I didn’t get any revelations or glimpses of the future, though. Phi said she at least got a good picture of me, and that I might find myself on the wall soon. How flattering.

The Esotericum is not only a club. It’s also a garden, Echo and Phi’s private house, a large dance pavillion, and an even larger art gallery. I’m looking forward to see what they will exhibit. Right now, some of Echo’s own FL photos decorates the walls, and they are really good. She even was so kind to give me one :–)

Their plans are also to use the sim for regular events. ”If you’d like to hear about them, just ask Phi and I to keep you in the loop,” said Echo. Ideas for themes are welcome.


During the evening, Echo described the place as ”A Cocktail Party on the Edge of Disaster”. Cat quickly concluded: ”Sounds like my kind of place.” She even gave the burlesque dancing chair a try after some absinthe :–)

PS: I’m reading the night’s transcript now, and notice that I said this about my new dress (which needed a little editing): ”i tried to lift it but then you can lick straight into my crotch”. I meant to say ”look straight into …” No wonder someone laughed.


~ by theresecarfagno on February 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “Pickpockets and loose women”

  1. This is a superb textcommercial for your friends new place. Would you mind if try to get people that read my blog to come here and read it too? I thought I would wet their appetite by qouting your PS :-) Is that okay?

  2. He-he. Please do, Apmel. It’s nothing I want more than to have people read what I’ve written. Thank you for your kind words :–)

  3. lick straight into your crotch? that absynthe certainly hit you strong my dear girl!

  4. This was actually *before* the absinth …

  5. oh my!

  6. I only sniggered, a little, Therese.
    Oh yes, The Absynthe. Always knew I liked green for a reason… We’ve been delighted with the variety of new friends coming to visit the club and the grounds from all over. Anyone looking for us can just look for Esoterica Commons.
    Rolling down my stockings, and pouring another bathtub gin…

  7. Hey Therese,
    Thank you so much for bringing the Esotericum to my attention.
    A lot of Flashmanregulars need a new hangout…
    Hope to see you there soon…

  8. Hi Yak
    Yes, please drop by, and bring all the «Flashmens» with you :-) It’s a great place.

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