Funny search terms

It’s often fun to have a look at the «Search Terms» in WordPress, the tool that tells me what people have searched for before being directed to my blog. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you – and these are only from the last week:

weather women nude, men and women being physical, second life stream echo problems, naked disney girls, the value of everyday events of life, delphi nude, crabcakes and escargot, la cantina mos eisley, what van gogh did in every day life, laughing friends, how to design goth clothes, explaining the value of the small everyd, miki gymnast, estelle everyday struggle, second life telephone divert to rl phone, huge flowers in second life, would you please help me, sandcrawler, picture from scotland gallery on two old, skin real photo beautiful second life, people being judged everyday, art pieces about life in school, naked banjo, naked nazis, every day is a new day i found that the.

Interesting. And then there’s the list of the top 10 all time search words:

van gogh
therese carfagno
van gogh paintings
beautiful animations
mos eisley
second life
second life relationship

This explains why my old post on the SL van Gogh museum Virtual Starry Night is so well visited. Two search terms leads to Cat’s and my adventures in the Star Wars sim, while the rest is evenly distributed on different posts.

Moral is: I have to write more about art and Star Wars.


~ by theresecarfagno on February 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Funny search terms”

  1. “Hentai” is my most common search term, all because of the mad piano-related adventure Sorcha and I once had in a certain sim.

  2. I didn’t phrase that well. ‘Hentai’ isn’t a search term I use. It is once that certain individuals use to find my blog.

  3. oh my, I’ve only had two beers…

  4. Oh Cat, don’t you too wish we could edit our comments on blogs like we can on Flickr? Funny thing is I can edit your comments, which means I can fill them with typos and jibberish and make you look like a complete weirdo.

  5. wiredo is more my thing

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