My own apartment


This probably isn’t very exciting for many others than me, but still: Here I am in the first apartment I’ll be renting on my own. It’s a new build on the Ville Spatiale island. So far, I only have a roof and a floor, and 90 prims to fill. In the background you can see my first piece of furniture, a Japanese screen.


It’s Suzanne Graves that has brought me here, and we’ll be neighbours. My apartment is situated just above hers, but I promise I won’t look down at her too often. I won’t throw any litter either. She’s lived in another apartment on Ville Spatiale, a really fab one, but that’s to be demolished now. When she started talking about new parcels, and if I would be interested, I envisioned a piece of land where I’d put up my own house – and that would have been a Japanese one with paper walls and all. Now I have to re-think everything, and that’s a fun challenge. What kind of furniture will fit in such a strange and futuristic apartment? And where can I find IKEA in-world?


On the roof, there will be gardens. I think the futuristic trees and plants that Strawberry Holiday makes will be just the right kind. Okay friends, you can expect to get invitations for a moving-in party when we’re ready!


~ by theresecarfagno on March 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “My own apartment”

  1. whooooooo, party! Can’t wait xx

  2. Now you and me have work to do…
    Hey but that’s going to be great fun !

  3. Congratulations! I seem to have bad luck with personal space, so I live in my office again. Hopefully you are more lucky than me!

  4. Yes Cat – I demand you be there :-)
    Sure we do, Suze, but yes, it will be fun, and I’ve already started!
    Thanks, Peter! I hope so too, and I think I will be.

  5. YAY!!! We’re next door neighbors! ^__^

  6. Welcome, Gita! Is it Suzanne that has dragged you along as well? My door is always open for you :-)

    Yeah, I know, I don’t have a door, but you get it …

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