Heaven and Hell

I\'m in Heaven

«And God said: You shall help create the heavens, the earth and the underworld.»

Well, that might not be an actual quote from the Bible, but it’s the slogan of The Garden of NPIRL Delights – NPIRL meaning Not Possible In Real Life, the fab group and blog of Bettina Tizzy, where the most creative builders in Second Life are members. And The Garden? That will be a four sim festival where said builders will create their versions of Paradise, Earth, Underworld and Limbo, as inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and Dante’s Divina Commedia. It will open on May 14th.

I meant to ask my friend, the architect DB Bailey, if he wanted to see the new sim Hangars Liquides. But as soon as I’d said hello, he invited me over to his studio to see his version of Heaven.

A colleague from SL Inside and very quickly a new friend, WhoFliesWithTheWind Writer (what a name!), was also there. ”Want to look around the place,” DB asked, and off we went.

I told DB most people with an artistic interest in the three spheres finds Hell to be the most inspiring place. ”Yes, I figured everyone would do Hell,” he said, telling me to give my honest opinion. ”I think it’s too pink. I’m worried it gets too sugary – like candy. What do you think?” I said one can’t get enough pink.

My problem is I don’t find it easy to be critical of DB’s builds. As soon as I step in, I’m transformed into a drooling groupie that ooh’s and aah’s and gasps in wonder. Heaven was no exception – you’re surrounded by an ethereal landscape with stairs, trees, a bridge, greek looking builds and a ring of light, walking on a transparent floor. It ends, as it does in the Commedia, with the light radiating from God.

”Not very impressive for God, but I was never very good with the God thing,” said DB, while adding more rays as we watched. ”The new version of SL has a glow effect. Dream like.” Discussion moved on to what kind of music he should have in there. Baroque? Gregorian? Rolling Stones? I suggested a piece called «Miserere» by Allegri, but some instrumental stuff by Brian Eno or David Sylvian would also work well.

I left off while DB worked on creating God (some irony, there). ”There needs to be a little surprise up here at the end. Like in «The Wizard of Oz» where the ruler turned out to be a dwarf. This could be the best part, but I’m going to have to work on it,” said DB. I hope he forgives me for publishing these pictures of the not finished build.

Two days later, I logged on after coming home from a long night on the town, at five in the morning, being both drunk and tired. I only meant to buy a new pair of shoes that Jasmine Lisle had worn on a Flickr pic, but as always in SL, things happen. The lovely Bryn Oh called.

Bryn will also take part in the Garden festival. ”I began with Heaven, but it turned into Hell. My work always seem to go dark,” she said. She’s built a house in concrete, where a bird-like figure is looking out, and a beetle with a music box underneath its wings is on the inside. It looks great. After you’ve opened the beetle’s wings by touching them, click the red button to start ”Over the rainbow”.

”I was thinking: In Hell, I didn’t want to do just evil, but combine something sweet and something sad. Create a mood. So I hope it works.” I said the bird man looked both scary and scared. ”To me, he’s lurking. Screeching and trying to scare off people. But I agree, and I think it’s more interesting to have different levels in a character. Not pure evil, or pure good, but more than that, if that makes any sense.”

She wasn’t sure whether the work was finished or not when we met. ”Sometimes, it needs to ripen in my inventory for a bit,” she smiled. ”I just hope it will hold up against the other builds in the Garden. There will probably be some really good ones.”

She’s right, I guess. But I feel I’ve already seen two of the best.


~ by theresecarfagno on April 27, 2008.

6 Responses to “Heaven and Hell”

  1. Gosh, what a busy time you’ve had! I must check out these out…

  2. “…where all the best builders in Second Life are members”

    I agree. But to be fair, I would phrase it “the most creative builders” as I’ve seen some pretty mundane stuff that still knocked my socks-off. And it’s the most creative who get the attention, and therefore, best known.

    Eh, me an my whining, right? LOL

    hey, really, though – great article! I don’t usually go to stuff like this, but this I think I will. :)

  3. Not really busy, Cat – these things sorta came to me, as good things often do.

    I agree, Ari. Simple buildings can also be spectacular in their own, quiet way, like a lot of Japanese architecture is. So check out the edit ;-)

  4. so heaven is pink???? smh… looks down at hell with all that red… wonders if purgatory is something else completely and can’t wait to go snoop around to see these builds.

  5. Therese, so good to get a preview of what’s coming down the pike with the build festival! And DB Bailey and Bryn Oh, too. This is going to be a blast.

    To your comment, Ari, yes, sometimes the concept wins over the actual build. Either way, the creator is stretching the envelope, and in my book, that’s a very_good_thing.

  6. […] This is a new build by DB Bailey for the Garden of the NPIRL Delights festival. Please have a lookee in my blog for more […]

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