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”So what goes on in Africa?” Caterin asked, just after I’d tp-ed her over to see Virtual Africa and meet my friend Alanagh Recreant, the mastermind behind the sim. As it turned out, quite a lot of things goes on in Africa.

Recently, they’ve expanded and brought in a whole lot of goodies, and Ally was more than happy to show us. ”If you want to adopt a meerkat,” she started, as that’s something you can do at the starting point. Of course – who doesn’t want a meerkat? I paid 250 and named her Caterin. ”Hm, not sure I approve,” Cat said, so now I’ve named her Lisa instead. She’s very cute: She wants to play, hides, digs, eats bugs and comes when you call. My little baby.

Ally first took us to see the Porcupine Theatre. ”Here, we’ll bring African musicians,” she said. Caterin sat down in one of the chairs that were very comfy for a theatre, and seemed to enjoy it. ”And on the other side of the sim there’s an open kraal for story telling where we’ll have writers and publishers,” Ally continued. I’ll have to introduce her to Selina Greene of Book Island.

We then went to African Rain, a club built and designed by the talented, gifted, wonderful et cetera Eshi Otawara – and it’s really a treat. A huge flower is the centrepiece here. Cat and I changed into some African fashion, a leopard and a giraffe patterned dress respectively.

”The only African musician I know well is Abdullah Ibrahim, jazz pianist,” Cat said. ”Maybe I can ask him to come perform here,” Ally said. ”You can co-host!” Cat laughed a little nervously, and said Ibrahim was a major league performer. ”We have major league guests. Maybe we can invite VIPs, like CEOs of companies, and have big tickets sold to them – in support of Africa’s access to virtual worlds,” said Ally, always the entrepreneur.

She then had to bid us goodbye, and Cat and I danced the night away African style.


~ by theresecarfagno on May 10, 2008.

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