Du kleines süsses Kekskrümelchen du

I have no idea what this headline means. It’s German, and all I know is that German speaking people gets very happy if you call them a kleines süsses Kekskrümelchen. An image search for Kekskrümelchen leaves me no wiser. But whatever – as long as it makes them smile.

That’s really one of the funniest things of being in Second Life: Learning words and phrases in different languages, and then show them off. This time it happened while I was dancing with Cat 2 (yes, I know two Cats, quite confusing), a Schweizerdeutsch, Schwyzerdütsch, Schwiizertüütsch, Schwizertitsch (this is great!) and her friends that sang love songs.

Here’s another fave: Na du bist aber ne kleine süsse Schnullerbacke. Isn’t that lovely? Would you like to be my little Schnullerbacke?

I felt had to contribute, so I IMed my German friends Cake and Peter to ask them for phrases. “Tell them you are rollig,” said Cake. I so did, – “ich bin rollig” – and got an immediate response from the girls. “You said you’re in the mood for sex,” Cat 2 revealed. Cake!

Peter was none the better: Mann, hast Du einen geilen Arsch! I think you know just as well as I what that means. Then: Na Süsse, wie wär’s mit uns beiden? Which means: “Hey cutie, how about the two of us?” According to Cake, “that is so old fashioned and macho, that it’s cute again.” Two more from Peter: Hallo Sahneschnitte (“Hello gorgeous”) and Baby, lass Deine Titten hüpfen (“Baby, let your tits dance”).

Yesterday, Cat 2 called me meine süsse versuchung, which means “my little temptation”.

[14:34] Therese Carfagno lächelt :-)


~ by theresecarfagno on May 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Du kleines süsses Kekskrümelchen du”

  1. You sweet little cookie crumbling

  2. And to my defense I want to state that my quotes are NOT my usual vocabulary, and that I asked you how raunchy you wanted the quotes to be…

  3. [15:53] Peter Stindberg: Want some naughty lines?
    [15:53] Therese Carfagno: sure!
    [15:53] Peter Stindberg: How naughty?

    Takk, Peter – du din søte lille kakesmule!

  4. Wow… that really expanded my vocabulary…

    Dein geschweifter Kuchenkrümel (nicht Küchenkrümel) :)

  5. Well, well, well…

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