Cars and girls – part ı

I guess it’s biological: Cars and girls are in love with each other, and you can read that as you wish. Anyway, having heard about the fab sim Primouth, where lovely cars were said to be for sale, I made my way there.

I hadn’t been there long before I met this nice guy Dex Trenchcoat, looking like he’d stepped right off the set from a 50’s movie with his brasers and hat. I took it he had a little more than a normal interest in the classic cars on display.

”We have a driving club called the Road Hogs,” he told me. ”It’s all very informal. Basically, we get together every week or two to drive along the Linden Roads from place to place. From, say a night club to a mall or an info hub. The roads are narrow, but heck yeah, they’re good to drive. It’s my favourite way of exploring the grid – and it gives you a sense of how large the grid really is.”

At this moment, I saw Cat come online. Knowing she has a thing for cars, I tp-ed her over.

She ducked straight into it. ”On the Road SL style,” she said. ”Sounds good. I like the idea.” I tried to put in a word about my bicycle, but that was dismissed long before it became a real topic.

”I encourage others to drive the Linden Roads,” said Dex, and gave us a starting point for the Ross Infohub and some freebie cars. ”I should warn you, however: There is a glitch that can end a trip real quick. They’re called bad sim crossings.”

Cat and me agreed that would add some spice and unpredictability, and went on to ask how much a nice car would cost us. ”I’d want an open top. A 50’s US jobbie. I don’t mind paying for anything stylish. I have to be stylish,” said Cat, and I suggested we’d split the bill. ”We have to buy a car and a shopping bag full of Winstons. You can’t drive a car without ciggies,” said Cat (who else?).

This turned out to be the beginning of a long and weird search for The Perfect Car for me and Cat. Weird, because we ended up where we started. But that’s embarrassing, and I won’t bother you with all that. Instead, I promise to give you full accounts of our driving adventures in SL. We have, I promise, the coolest car on the grid.

To be continued.


~ by theresecarfagno on May 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Cars and girls – part ı”

  1. Important to note: my ‘thing’ for cars is an SL thing, in FL I don’t drive and do not intend to start (that is why we have taxis and friends) ;)

  2. Completely agree, Cat, although for me it’s all about my bicycle :-D

  3. transcendence says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Hunker!

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