Cars and girls – part ıı

As promised: Part ıı. As you clearly remember from part ı, we searched for a car around the whole grid before we ended up back at Primouth. Silly us. But when we finally found our car, there was no doubt in our hearts. “That’s my baby,” said Cat when we saw the flaming red Primouth 1958. “Come to mama!” It matches her shoes, see?

I paid Cat half the price, and let her do the shopping. Then we went to a sandbox to try it. Suze called, and volunteered to take part in the testing. It was to be a strange session.

Turned out it wasn’t enough to just rez the car and hop in. It was something about first rezzing the wheels, then sit on the wheels – or was it those black things? – before the driver put on the top of the car, and sat down where, and …?

It was an equally fun and frustrating experience. We got extra pairs of wheels, Cat ran around with the hood on her head, and we were quite clueless on how to get up and drive like Thelma & Louise.

Luckily, next time I met Cat, she’d learned perfectly well how to do it, and we got the ride of our lives. Please see links in part ııı.


~ by theresecarfagno on May 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Cars and girls – part ıı”

  1. I think the instructions on putting the car together need re-writing in Plain English…;)

  2. It seems Cat has plenty of spare tires now…
    What was wrong with the instructions ?

  3. I guess I had forgotten to mention that Primouth Cars come in two parts… the actual driving part is just wheels and seats, while the body of the car is an attachment you wear… watch those skirts when your detaching the car ladies!

    If you ever need driving tips or rez area LMs just let me know.

  4. Thanks, Dex – a good thing about SL is that skirts don’t get greasy or torn ;-)

    I’m happy to say that Cat now is an (almost) experienced driver as any on the grid, but helpful hints might be welcome …

  5. Hey, this car was based on a Plymouth Fury 1957. Remember the movie “Christine”. Where do you find this car Tess ???

  6. Hi Daniel. I’ll drop you a landmark in-world!

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