Koinup portrait photo contest

The web community Koinup and Ananke Media Systems arranged an SL portrait photo contest, and yours truly was asked to be one of the three judges, together with Anna Tretiak and Bella March. To choose winners weren’t easy, but eventually these tree made it to a shared top.

«Anticipation» by Jaxi:

«Beo with feather mask» by Lano:

«Paper flowers» by DahniElla:

You can read all about it and see all the runner-ups here.


~ by theresecarfagno on June 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “Koinup portrait photo contest”

  1. I never saw the point of Koinup in the first place. So much social networks lately, and do we really need another photo portal besides Flickr? Glad you’re in the jury though, since the Koinup Windlight contest, with Vint and Torley in the jury, declared imho inferior photos as winners, compared to the honorable mentioned ones.

  2. I just LOVE Anticipation for whatever little that is worth :-)

  3. The social networks are very many these days. I had a Facebook account, but I find that a blog, Flickr and an old-fashioned e-mail is more than enough to keep up with most stuff. Then, of course, there are IMs and group notices in-world.

    Yay, Apmel! I love «Anticipation» as well.

  4. really nice pictures, especially Anticipation – where do I get a skin like that? I think the Paper Flowers is good too, it’s even harder to capture movement in SL pictures.

  5. I want to participate in this portrait contest. what shall I do for it ? Please, tell me briefli.

  6. I’d like a skin like that, too – tell me if you find one :-) And I agree with you on the movement in the third picture. Both the model and the flowers are moving.

    Kaushik – the competition is over. These are the winners.

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