Carfagna vs. Carfagno

The woman on the left is Maria Rosaria Carfagna. She’s Italian, and she’s the Minister for Equal Opportunites in the Berlusconi government. This is about her vs. me.

Not being a great fan of Berlusconi, I was quite amazed when I heard his government had a Minister for Equal Opportunities – and her name was Carfagna! Well, that’s not bad I thought, and I got even happier when I saw how beautiful she is.

On prime time Norwegian television, we once had a minister saying to the author Liza Marklund: “There are few as beautiful as you that call themselves feminists in Norway,” thus proving that feminists by some still are considered to be the ugly women. So a beautiful feminist in charge should be good.

I started doing some research on Carfagna. Turned out she’d participated in the Miss Italia contest in 1997, saying: “That competition makes you as a woman.” Hm, well, okay. Then she worked as a voluptuously underdressed eye-candy showgirl on one of Berlusconi’s TV channels, and she was photographed topless for calendars and skimpily dressed for men’s magazine Maxim.

Well, I worked as a showgirl too in my early SL days, and I still do at The New Champagne Rooms, so I’m not the one to raise a finger against that. And as long as you feel you’re in control, I don’t object to women getting photographed looking sexy either.

What pulled my heart down was Carfagna’s statement that she’s actually an antifeminist. This she said to il Giornale: “Antifemminista, semmai. Il femminismo ha fatto credere alle donne che la libertà dipendesse dall’indipendenza, dall’autonomia. Invece dipende innanzitutto dalla disciplina, dalle regole.”

Meaning she believes that women’s liberty depends not on independence, but on rules and discipline. I’m not really sure what she means by that, but gee – independence is such a big part of feminism, making sure that women aren’t tied to a man for surviving. How can rules and discipline substitute that? What rules? What kind of discipline?

Then, of course, it’s quite strange to be the Minister for Equal Opportunites and call yourself an antifeminist. If Carfagna does her job, if she does create equal opportunities, she can’t help being a feminist, whether she likes it or not.

She proudly describes her family as “traditional and conservative”, and states that she is a firm believer in family values. That’s led her to oppose certain gay rights, and she says that matrimonial rights should be tied to reproduction. She managed to arouse the fury of Italian gay and lesbian rights groups by refusing to back gay pride parades this summer on the ground that “gays no longer suffer discrimination in Italy”. In Italy, they don’t even sanction civil partnerships between two women or two men. So how can she say that?

I think my view on the Berlusconi movement seems to stay the same. Even with a Carfagna in charge.


~ by theresecarfagno on June 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Carfagna vs. Carfagno”

  1. You two are lookalikes!!!! But you look much more REAL Therese :-)

  2. yes, I vote for Tess!

  3. Amazing Tess!! Sorry, I know that this is not the thrust of your blog article but you two look so much alike, and then the name LOL!!! Two beautiful women who look so much alike…just amazing!

    Now on to Carfagna herself…it is really a shame that someone in her position promotes such repression of women and gay couples. Does she not understand the meaning of her title? If matrimonial rights are tied to reproduction does this mean that infertile male/female couples should be barred from marrying? Should couples who have no intention of having children be barred from marrying? It is troubling to hear of people in positions of power expressing such views.

  4. “Rules and discipline” may not mean what you think. I believe she may mean that any person achieves independence and some semblance of control over their lives when they govern themselves by rules and self-control. This way you, e.g., will save money for a rainy day by not spending it the minute you get it. Or by hitting the gym instead of sitting on the couch watching soaps. Make sense?

    As for her “traditional” values stance, I would agree with her, except I have to wonder an old-fashioned girl allows herself to be photographed nude. If you want to promote a modest message, that hardly does it. Of course, her personal vanity may have overrode that. Unfortunately that happens sometimes.

    But a woman in European politics who overall has a traditional world view is refreshing to me. I realize that that will rub against the liberal grain of many on the web, but tough. Traditional or Judeo-Christian values keep societies stable and strong. With the humanism that comes with hyper-liberal thought, people tend to become more selfish and hence less likely to sacrifice for the safety and welfare of their country. Not a rule, just a generality.

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