Racing with Willy

Of course I had to have the jeep AM Radio has built. Willy looks fantastic, I love to have a jeep for desert driving, and the money you pay for it goes to charity. Wudda deal.

I called on Cake to come along and try it out in The Husk. And would you believe it: Cat came in-world the second after. Knowing her thing for cars, I invited her as well. Soon we were all gathered.

”Let’s drive,” said Cat, and I asked if they’d seen the film «Death Proof». Turned out none of them had, so I gave them advice to do so while Cat swooned over Thelma.

Soon we drove into another film. Jamie Jetaime, who was out in the desert to fly his kite, got a bit scared when we stopped next to him. ”Hiya. Tell me you’ve never seen «Faster Pussycat» please,” he said. ”Oh, we see it all the time,” answered Cat, and the huge gun she wore on her back didn’t do much to calm his nerves either. ”Well remember, I can always tp,” he said, feebly.

”Three strippers seeking thrills encounter a young couple in the desert. After dispatching the boyfriend, they take the girl hostage,” Cake quoted from IMDB, before asking: ”Where’s your girl, Jamie?” Just as Pipaluk came along, he called us bloodthirsty and escaped up a tree. Cake wondered if Pip was his girlfriend, something she quickly dismissed by saying he looked like someone that listens to Coldplay. She then climbed in to come with us.

Pip had the cutest hick-up I’d ever encountered in-world (also the first). She, on her side, was more than ready to get rid off it, whereupon I crashed full speed into AM’s table – but no one would believe me when I said it was just to scare Pip. Anyway, Pip being a tough gal, it didn’t help the slightest.

Cat invited her friend Marion, who then invited Robin. Now that we were more than Willy had room for, Cat rezzed our Primouth 1958 and, being who she is, said: ”We could have a race.”

Now that was a challenge. I had no choice but to accept – or lose my face forever. Cat reved up the car, lit a ciggie in a very cool way, and said go! Into the desert we went.

Without a track, it became a matter of the most elegant and skillful driving, brushing the other one’s hood ever so lightly. I had the rougher but lighter car, so it was easy for Cat to tip me over when we met. Rolling around like a turtle on its back, the hardest thing to endure was Cat’s spite: ”Go on, call the cops! Look at you lot! Hah hah, I think I won that one. Hey, like my exhaust?”

I got up, fixed the car, and muttered a few bitter words about revenge. ”Take it to the dump, Tess,” was Cat’s friendly advice, but I showed her. When her car stopped, I drove around her in circles. On top of that, Marion had trouble getting into Cat’s car, so I offered her a ride in a car that worked. ”Pah,” said Cat.

Back on track, she called me a road hog and asked how ”the old rust bucket” was doing. ”I know a good scrap metal merchant,” she shouted, but now there was nothing stopping Willy – while Cat stopped again. ”Sand in the motor,” I asked her. ”Yes, but we look nice,” she replied. ”Such a pretty car, you shouldn’t have taken it out of Miami,” was my reply, ”it’s not made for rough driving.”

With that, Cat said ”I’ve had about enough of this,” and got out of the Primouth. ”Enough of being beaten,” I asked, but she just winked me at, saying ”Hardly, my dear.” Robin rezzed a flying, Roman boat, and we all took the skies.


~ by theresecarfagno on June 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Racing with Willy”

  1. annoying

  2. annoying!? Whaddya mean Jimmy boy, we aim to annoy!! ;)

  3. fab post Tess xxxx

  4. Yay Cat – let’s do another fab thing soon!

  5. Yay, adventures again! I so missed these. Ah, if only I were in world at the right time. Glad to have you writing again, Tess. Now, if we can only coax Cat into getting back to it, my entertainment would be complete!

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