Norwegian library opening

This week saw the opening of The Norwegian Library – Norgesbiblioteket – in Second Life. Their work is to experiment on how to run a library in SL.

”Estimates says that 80 percent of the Internet users will encounter a virtual world sooner or later. That’s why being in Second Life opens up new ways of offering library services.”

So said Ellen Whiteberry, or Ellen Høstmark Bustø, when she officially opened Norgesbiblioteket. Whiteberry is the leader of this library project. She hoped the island would be a meeting point for everyone interested in what a virtual library can be and offer. There will be workshops and seminars for library employees and users.

She admitted to having been skeptical to the idea at first. ”But I’m convinced virtual worlds are a useful tool and definitely something worth getting to know. We want to connect knowledge with experiences in art and play.”

The island has a little for everyone: An exhibition area for artists, a fairytale forest for young and old alike, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, books to be read or listened to in-world, a sandbox – or, in this case, a snowbox – for builders, and a historical landscape with a Viking village. ”It’s meant to give the impression of how life used to be in Norway in the olden days,” said Whiteberry. New exhibitions will be launched frequently.

Design Container is the name of the firm that’s built the island. Team leader Ela Oliva, or Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, said they get many calls from companies and institutions that are interested in estabilishing themselves in SL. ”Our aim is to create open sims that are adorned with nature and easy to move around in,” she said, while also revealing that the island has lots of hidden places and other details.

Renowned SL clothes designer Neferia Abel were present to cheer for her boyfriend, Brumm Bricklin, a worker at Design Container. Avatar Metaverse Orchestra performed before and after the opening.


~ by theresecarfagno on September 25, 2008.

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