Post-apoc adventures in The Wastelands

As you all know by now, I’m a sucker for the desert landscapes of SL. So when I saw this picture from The Wastelands by Lem Skall, I ordered my ticket right away and put my desert outfit back on. Little did I know I was about to set foot in something more than a desert.

As soon as I landed, I understood something peculiar was going on. Some quest of sorts. I found a table with a weatherworn sheet of paper. It said:

”I’ve been dealing with an anonymous merchant lately, but cannot make my trade this evening as planned. He keeps a box hidden in the sands north-west of here. Please replace this compass with the binoculars inside the box, and return it here. Your help will be rewarded.”

I had no idea what this meant. Curious, I walked on, over the sand dunes. As I walked, it dawned upon me that a disaster had struck this place. Destroyed things and ruins were everywhere: Demolished houses, roads, railroad tracks, pipe lines. A sign read: «Remember the good times?» I walked by a fallout shelter. Had there been an atomic war?

Then, suddenly, I saw a glimpse of life. A man was running in the distance. I ran as fast as could after him, eager to know more about this place. But alas, he quickly disappeared in the maze of ruins. Exhausted, I lent up towards a wall to catch my breath when a voice said: ”Welcome to Paradise.”

”Oh,” I answered, ”so this is what Paradise looks like?” The girl named Mollyblue Etchegaray laughed at me and said ”Yes, for post-apocs. You’re new here?” I decided not to pretend I was more wise than I was: ”My first time here. Is it okay if I hang around with you a little?” ”Sure,” she said, ”I’m salvaging atm.” I asked what that meant. Molly explained that with her hud, she could locate and claim salvage, little boxes that have items inside for her to use. ”We make weapons and other things from them,” she said, and pointed at some glass bottles, a jerry can and some duct tape. In a post-apocalyptic world, I guess you salvage what you can.

Along came her friend Aposiopesis Fullstop (difficult names seem to be part of life after the apocalypse). Like Molly, Apo was a member of the Trade Post group. They also shared the fact that they both were human, and not mutants, ghouls or manimals. I felt lucky I’d met them first.

We were soon joined by a third friend, Psycho Baroque, head of the Renegade group. ”It helps to be in a group,” said Molly. ”To survive. Trade Post are mostly peaceful, but we are strong in the warzone.” ”Damn skippy are we,” added Apo.

You’re not allowed to bring any weapons from the outside into The Wastelands. And I learned that Goreans are particularly unpopular in this environment. ”I for one will kill any Goreans in sight,” said Molly. By the look in her eye, and seeing the weapon she carried, I believed her. It was a fierce thing she called a rattlesnake. Apo carried a scavenger’s knife. Both were made from salvages.

So who did they fight? ”Jerks,” said Apo. ”If someone is a true and utter dick, they’re liable to get attacked on sight by anyone and everyone, regardless of race or clan. We don’t take kindly to being dicked over, or anyone dicking over our new folk.” Molly explained they had formal combats on Saturdays. That’s obviously the post-apoc answer to dinner and a movie: ”Games, fights, and then movies.”

Molly and Apo then offered to let me see a fight over at something they called The Potato Farm. I asked if it was possible to grow anything in this harsh climate, and Apo admitted: ”We have no idea how the Farm got its name. In all memory there’s been nothing grown there…”

The Potato Farm looked like an ugly gladiator arena, made of concrete, sunken, the fighters being let in from cages. The floor itself has traps like landmines, pits, spikes and buzz saws, so you fight not only your opponent, but also the arena itself. Apo and Molly went into the cages. I pushed the button that opened them. The arena siren rang.

The two friends then got into a nasty fight. I watched, terrified, as one used a rattlesnake and the other a knife, running around and into each other, slashing, hitting, blood squirting, until Molly lay on the floor, dead.

It had been a knock-out: Apo still had 81 percent of her health left on her hud. She did a victory dance around Molly, who waited to come back to the 25 percent that let her walk again. She said: ”I’m glad you’re at Trade Post, Apo.”

Not far from the Farm, I saw the building I’d seen on Lem’s picture. Molly was less enthusiastic than me about it: ”I’m a theme nazi. But it’s ok for a temp building.”

We were now close to the Trade Post. A robot told me access was limited to chartered members of the community, but Apo said: ”Stoopid robot. It just talks a lot is all. Ignore it.” I had no trouble entering, and got into a spaciuos backyard filled with all sorts of useful gadgets for the post-apocalyptic society – some of it even for free. I got myself a neat geiger counter. ”We currently buy/trade/sell salvage items,” explained Molly.

I was about to get myself a copy of the local newspaper, The Salvage Times, when two men drove into the yard in a Mud Crawler. It was Barry Wiranata, a mutant, and Ironblood Mechanique, a co-owner of the trade post. As they had a lot to talk about, I took a look at my watch and concluded I should rather be in bed than in a post-apocalyptic world. I made friends with Apo and Molly, and promised to come back one day.


~ by theresecarfagno on October 21, 2008.

9 Responses to “Post-apoc adventures in The Wastelands”

  1. Wow, thank you, Therese for your very honest and friendly look into our world! You are certainly welcome back anytime – come and try a fight night and movies :)

  2. Oops, I need to add that it was me who commented on the Goreans, not Psycho. But that is exactly what I said.

  3. Glad you liked it, Molly – I’ve changed the quote mistake!

  4. Very cool. *subscribe*!

  5. I adore Mollyblue! I remember meeting her in the Wastelands this summer. I loaded this page and recognized her in a snap!

  6. Thanks, Timeless! And yes, Jennatar, Molly is a very sweet person.

  7. Ah, nice custom sky in the pics. I wish the regions could be configured to set advanced sky and water settings. Shared experience is key. Those mud crawlers are awesome! Reckon you could get some pics up of them?

  8. It so rare to read a good report from a sim like Wastelands. Thank you.

  9. Timeless: The sky setting is called «Nostalgia» and it’s made by AM Radio. You can get it here: I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of mud crawlers …

    Dandelion – so glad you liked it!

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