Take off with AM Radio

The man of wonders has given us yet another. Now you can buy AM Radio’s airplane: The 1912 Spring Racer.

It’s very simple. First, you rez the wheels and pilot seat on the ground. You sit, then you put on the body of the plane and the hud. The hud is in itself something of a feature: As old fashioned as the plane, it gives you meters, buttons and a throttle handle. Turn on fuel and magneto, push the start button, see the smoke rising from the engines, the propeller begin to swirl, set throttle to 6, and you’re off and up.

Being a sucker for deserts (yes, I know, a lot of desert talk lately), I took my plane to the dunes of The Wastelands (see post below) and set off like they do in «The English Patient». It’s a feeling I can recommmend. Wildly poetic.

You can get your 1912 Spring Racer in the barn at The Refuge and The Expansion. It costs 700 Lindens (dollars, not employees), and all the money goes to the charitable work of Heifer. Happy flying :-)


~ by theresecarfagno on October 22, 2008.

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