Me and my photos

Suddenly I found myself being an exhibitor. After having visited so many exhibitions and talked to so many artists, I was the one who stood there, surrounded by my own work, and greeted everyone welcome with a glass of fine champagne. What a strange and wonderful feeling.

I’ll make this short: The Italians, as you know, might be even worse than the French when it comes to English. So when I was invited to exhibit at the Ex.It sim, it took some time before I fully understood exactly what I was invited to, as most of the information were given in … Italian.

Anyway, I was asked to contribute two pictures and a short bio. That was easy. I then got a calendar telling me when my work would be shown. After searching their blog, I even found the slurl to where my pictures would be shown. It was supposed to begin on Sunday.

Sunday came. I went there to have a look at my two pictures. All I could find was a huge and empty arena. As luck would have it, one of the arrangers came along. He told me I had all this space and could fill it with 2000 prims. All right …

As more luck would have it, I’d planned a sleepy Sunday and didn’t have any plans. Now I had work to do. First, I needed to select more than two pictures, and frames. I asked my friend the photographer Shoshana Epsilon for help, and she gave me a simple-to-use black frame. Then I asked another friend, the artist Bryn Oh, for ideas on how to arrange the exhibition. I felt the huge space needed more than just pictures.

Bryn was happy to help. She came up with the idea to use some boxes she’s made – glowing boxes that fly up when you approach them. Under those, we lay some of my pictures. As time was short, I felt we didn’t use them to their fullest effect, but it certainly gave the whole exhibition area a lift. At 4am Monday morning, I was as ready as I felt I could be. I sent out a notecard and invited folks and friends to a noon opening.

People are usually busy in SL, as there are so many things going on, so I imagined the opening would be a short affair with just me and my friends, polite enough to be there. I’ve never been more wrong. A whole crowd showed up. Much because I aggressively im-ed and tp-ed people, but that doesn’t matter. I was overwhelmed and happy.

If you read this today, Wednesday, you can still catch the exhibition here, but tonite I will have to take it down. I’d never thought of myself as being an exhibitor, but now that I’ve tried and had a great time, I might try again if anyone wants to give me space …

PS: I hope you don’t feel I mock the arrangers. They’ve been very sweet to me after we’ve met, helping me and promoting the show. It might just be my thick head that couldn’t understand how all this were supposed to be. Or my laziness.


~ by theresecarfagno on October 29, 2008.

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