Searching for Bryn’s secret shop – part ı


The artist Bryn Oh has made a task for us: Find her secret store. I won’t go into how it’s a sign of «absolutely terrible business practice hiding your store and making people work to find it,» cause those are her own words.

And as if that weren’t enough: You even have to read through her picks (or at least blog) to find out that she even has a secret store. But if you do that, you find your first clue to where you can find it. It’s a poem:

Bryn Oh has a shop
North of some pews
But for you to get there
You must first solve some clues

So go to New Caerleon
Quick as a cat
Down a trapdoor
And type the symbol in chat

Look for the girl
Legs caught while she plays
Open her mind
And hear what she says


Okay … Well, you find New Caerleon in Bryn’s picks. I went there and found the trap door. It lead me to a room where I typed the symbol that rhymes with «chat», and the doors opened to a small maze where I could find «the girl» with her legs caught. I opened her mind, and got yet another poem. It begins like this:

I got very sick when I was just seven
And I had the strangest dream
When I died I did not go to Heaven
Instead I woke up in this machine

The rest of the poem, my friend, I won’t give you. What – you think I’d let you skip the first step? I’ve given you more help than you ever will get from Bryn already.

I’ll only say this: It lead me to yet another of Bryn’s sculptures. It’s not located at New Caerleon, but at another place where you’re just as often likely to meet her. And so I did. That meant I got distracted from my quest, and got to have a look at one of her new projects (which later turned out to have something to do with the shop also, but only in an indirect way, if I understood her correctly).


Confused? Be sure to read the next episode, where I to no avail spend a long time climbing up and falling down from Bryn’s new tower.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 5, 2008.

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