Searching for Bryn’s secret shop – part ıı


So there I was, staring up at the statue of the angel I’d searched for on my first day of the search for the artist Bryn Oh’s secret shop. I touched its chest and then a bee to get the next clue for where it might be. It was, of course, yet another poem, where one of the lines read «Above is a sim».

My mind went to the new place Bryn had showed me the day before, cause that is floating above where the angel stands. But: This sim was now a no-fly zone, cause the only way you’re supposed to enter the floating sim is by reaching a teleporter at the top of her new tower.

A few words about this tower: Bryn has been commissioned to make it by Rezzable for the gorgeous Black Swan sim. It’s a quest in itself to climb it, as I was soon to find out.


The way upwards is a complicated one with narrow walkpaths, hurdles, balls that roll down and hit you, gaps you have to jump, et cetera. But this wouldn’t be Bryn’s build if it didn’t have a storyline as well. At the bottom, you find an empty baby carriage with a note, reading:

They call her obscene
They call her a blight
A mob slowly builds
In the dark of the night

My daughter of gears
Transistors and moss
She resembles to all
The one that I lost

They come to the tower
To take her from me
Our bond is from love
But that they can’t see

My knees shake and tremble
Awaiting the worst
But to get to my daughter
They must get by me first

As you walk upwards, you find more parts of the story. I eventually reached a laboratorium where experiments resembling Frankenstein’s seemed to have found place.


I must admit never to have been much of a Lara Croft. Some halfway up the tower I lost my spirits, tired of having fallen down again and again, and climbing back up, and went to have a coffee. I would climb the rest of the tower another day.

I met Bryn again the next day while she was installing the tower at Black Swan. She took pity on me and the struggles I’d had, and gave me some helpful clues. Now, dear reader, I trust you’re not so stupid as I am, so I won’t bother you with much of what she said. I’ll just say this: Join me in the third and last episode tomorrow!


~ by theresecarfagno on November 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Searching for Bryn’s secret shop – part ıı”

  1. The suspense is overwhelming:-)))))

  2. No no no please! I can’t get past the wood and glass part of the tower. I had to get from platform to platform by sitting and my great “cheating” plan stopped working there. ARG.

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