Searching for Bryn’s secret shop – part ııı


Yay – I found the shop! My intution and clever riddle solving abilities landed me there in the end. How?

Okay, I admit: I cheated myself to the top of the tower I tried to climb on my second day. It’s actually not that difficult (if you don’t have a problem with cheating, that is, and breaking Bryn’s heart for not going through all the stages of the tower’s narrative). From there I teleported into the sim that was «above» it – thinking that was what my former clue had asked me to do.

But as I wandered through the dream like atmosphere that was in there, consisting of a table and chairs, some hidden curtains, a memory of friendship and a girl staring out a window, I could find nothing that pointed towards Bryn’s secret shop. Might I have misunderstood the clue given to me by the angel bee completely?


I had. My interpretation of the word «above» turned out to be wrong. As often is the case, it was easier, and not more difficult, to find out what was correct. After using the Search function, I landed at a place that had clear similarities with Bryn’s picture of herself by the shop. A sigh of relief. I was close.

I remembered from Bryn’s first poem that the shop lay «North of some pews». So where were they? A small church stood not far from where I landed. I went in, sat down on a pew, and took up my compass. A-ha! North was that direction. I ventured.


Another information I’d been given from the angel bee was as follows:

Illusion of empty
Will tempt you to stop
But I am afraid if you do
You wont find the shop

He he. But she didn’t fool me now that I was on the right track. I walked straight through the illusion, and there was the shop, filled with a selection of the many wonders Bryn has made. I took some time to walk around the shop and feel very proud. Then I rewarded myself with buying that beautiful photo of Bryn with her baby carriage. Mission accomplished.


Now, all that’s left for me, dear readers, is to wish you a very good luck if you choose to embark on the same mission yourself. I can guarantee you will both have fun and stumble across some surprises.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Searching for Bryn’s secret shop – part ııı”

  1. And sadly, the shop is now closed.. With the minor disaster that killed part of one build and the somewhat enthusiastic use of prims in the shop, Bryn has chosen not to keep it going..

    Such a shame.. I was hoping to add much more to my collection.. now I’ll have to beg the artist Bryn for scraps directly ;)

  2. Phillip – Bryn really ought to set up a shop at her new island. Let’s see if we can persuade her.

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