Avatrait has a whole island now


Avatrait Gallery, one of the slickest and most important galleries in SL, just got even slicker. Today, they open their own island with four new buildings.

The main building is of course the main gallery (pictured above). It’s built by Prad Prathivi, and it’s a gem. I love the colours, the openness that gives you an almost cathedral like feeling, and how the architecture manages to draw your attention to the pictures. My only objection would be: What if you want to display pictures that are extremely wide or tall? It will hopefully be easy to rearrange the frames if that’s necessary.

Corbett Howard has made the buildings surrounding the main gallery. Stephen Venkman, the gallery’s main man, says the other builds will have a classroom, offices, artist stores and display rooms for machinimas.

The first exhibition is called «To Florence and Back», celebrating the trip Avatrait made to that city and the book that was a result of that effort. There are some fine pictures to be seen by Keiko Morigi, Kimico, Corbett Howard and a whole lot more. The gallery is here.


~ by theresecarfagno on November 29, 2008.

One Response to “Avatrait has a whole island now”

  1. Thank you for your very lovely review of our new gallery.

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