6,672 prims


«Hey Tess, do you want to see a neat build by Wizard Gynoid?» That’s the message Bryn Oh sent me, and when she recommends something, it rarely disappoints. Not this time either.

Wizard Gynoid has made an impressive structure with no less than 6,672 prims. And it’s not a random structure either, it’s meticulously crafted out based on mathematical principles – a bit like Suzanne Graves does.


«If you look at it from directly overhead, looking down, there’s a hole that goes through it. And if you flattened it, it would look like a spirograph,» said Wizzy, adding: «I think it’s going to prove to be the key of the universe. A physicist has a new Unified Field Theory that uses this geometrical object to predict the behaviour of all particles and gravity.»

The sculpture is a refinement of her earlier E8 polytope work (look it up). «It’s the most complex object known to mathematicians, but also very beautiful. It lives in the 8th dimension – this is one of its 3dimensional shadows.»

Okay, I didn’t understand all that, and you don’t have to either to appreciate this fantastic build. Go have a lookee at Butler College. And read more about it in Wizzy’s blog.


~ by theresecarfagno on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “6,672 prims”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Tess. I’m still looking for a permanent home for this object. A machinima team recently produced a new high res video of this object. You can see that here:

  2. oh btw. i put your picture of the E8 up as the wallpaper on my pc.

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