A new friend


Sometimes you meet someone that resemble yourself so much it’s mildly scary. That happened to me today with Stacia Villota.

It began in a shop where we’d both come because of the same issue: A skin that was for sale. (More about that skin in a later blog post.) I hadn’t seen her then, but got an IM from her after I’d left and she’d found – and read – my blog in my profile, telling me that she liked it. We began to talk.

Stacia is a blogger and a writer as well, even a freelancer as I am. And as she said ”so I have to be careful about balancing my hours and my addiction, to ensure the home and food are paid for, he he,” I could only agree and add that I no longer stay up longer than until midnite. ”Okay, we’re long lost sisters?” she said, and it wasn’t really a question. I responded: ”Ok, I push the «Add Friend…» button now.”

She told me she’d found out about SL reading a magazine on an airplane. ”Saw this beautiful graphic girl on the cover… said «virtual world». Read the story. Came home. Forgot. Four months later, saw another story about «virtual world». And signed up.”

My story is this: I did not read about SL on a plane, but in an English language magazine while I was out travelling far abroad. Came home. Forgot. Signed up three months later (maybe because of another article, I can’t remember). And that was only two months before Stacia.

And there is more: We both are attracted by the visual art side of SL. Our blogs are both from WordPress and use the same layout. We both will choose writing over design because we both feel others are better than us on design. We both say FL (First Life) instead of RL (Real Life). We both have a sarcastic and sometimes cruel sense of humour we have to be careful with. We both are the eldest among our siblings, and when she said she preferred to read old books, I managed to blurt out that I’m reading Thomas Hardy at the moment before she’d finished her list of fave authors that began with … Thomas Hardy.

When I finally got to meet her, I was glad to see her dressed in bright colours and Neko ears and tail, while I was in my usual black. But I do have ears and a tail as well, so I put on my ears …


~ by theresecarfagno on April 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “A new friend”

  1. Tess (yes, I’m smiling, thinking of Hardy)… today was yet another reminder that there are no coincidences in (either) life. What a delight to meet you, and I’m certain it’s a friendship that will only continue to grow. Be careful though, I may have you petting dogs in FL and wearing ears and a tail more often in SL… :-))) Hugs!!

  2. Stacia, I can only say the, um, same. And to pet more dogs in FL and wearing my ears and tail more often are risks I’m willing to take :-)

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