Bryn’s continuing story


As you may know, many of the artist Bryn Oh’s works are connected by a storyline. It’s a story of love and life, loss and death, and robots, artificial life. If you visit her island Immersiva, you will find bits and pieces of the story here and there.


Bryn recently added a new chapter to her story. This might be called «Angler Girl». Just like the angler fish, this robot girl has a long cord on her head with a lightbulb on the end. She uses this to trick other robots to come to her so she can catch them in her net and take their batteries. She doesn’t like doing this, as you can see from the poem you get when clicking inside her head, but she has to do it to survive herself.

Angler Girl
Lights the dark
In the abandoned

Mismatched robots
In salvaged parts
Come to her
Past shopping carts

In tears she catches
Those she sees
To live she needs
Their batteries


~ by theresecarfagno on April 14, 2009.

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