Fait Accompli

I’m working on a new photo exhibition these days. As always, I’m not able to come up with anything original myself, but have to copy, sorry, get inspiration from someone. This time it’s the band Curve and their music video «Fait Accompli».

The video can’t be said to be very original in any way – it’s an ordinary feature with the band standing on a stage playing as if they were rehearsing, a bit scattered around, the smoke machine is working overtime, and there are some other people there, one of them I think is a flamenco dancer, and it never gets clear why they are present. They look a bit confused themselves.

If I hadn’t been a great fan of the song before I saw the video, I might never have given it a second look. But: There are some things here that work very well.

First of all it’s the singer Toni Halliday. She doesn’t do that much, but she’s among those that doesn’t have to. Her presence is in itself pure cool. Then there is the use of light and smoke, that sometimes give her an ever more striking presence. The parts where she’s seen as a silhouette are beautiful. And the editing suits the song’s slightly chaotic feeling.

So this, then, is what I’ll try recreate. Light, smoke, chaos, Toni Halliday. It’s yet to be seen if I can do it. I made some simple loudspeakers, put them in a dark room I built and rezzed a lot of smoke. And this is where I’ll say a big thank you to my friend Jasmine Lisle who were so kind as to make me smoke clouds only because I asked her. Thank you, Jasmine. All the pictures I took before you gave me the smoke has been dutifully scrapped.

The pictures will be shown at the Camera Obscura Gallery at Diabolus from the 14th of May. They will share the space with other photo series I’m working with at the moment, but more about those later.


~ by theresecarfagno on April 15, 2009.

One Response to “Fait Accompli”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, my friend! :-))

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