A strange day at school


So I got to be a teacher for a little while. Only problem was that Bryn Oh and ColeMarie Soleil were among my pupils – and I doubt you’ll find more unruly girls in the whole of Second Life.

TC: Good morning, class.
BO: What will you teach us today, Miss Tess?
TC: Today, we will talk about rust and fog.
BC: Cole pulled my hair.
TC: Cole, stop it! Be nice.
ColeMarie Soleil holds up hand.
CS: I didn’t do it. I didn’t touch her. I can promise you that.
BO: Did too.
TC sighs.
CS: I only used magic … technically. I didn’t touch you. I would never touch you, rat girl. You have cooties.
BO: Lies! I had one cootie. And I caught it.
TC: You know the rules, Cole: No magic in classroom.
CS: Since when?
TC: And no insults either.
CS: What is this? Hogwarts? I am not a muggle.

At this point, the classroom gets filled with green fog and red hearts.


TC: Cole, I know you’re the one doing this.
CS: What? I haven’t even moved god damnit. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. They just appeared, man.
TC: No Cole, they didn’t. I know you.
CS: Oh really? It was Bryn.
BO: Miss Tess, you’re losing control of the class.
TC: I don’t think I ever did have any control.
BO: It’s Cole’s influence.
TC: Now don’t blame Cole, Bryn.
CS: See!

Now a tornado starts spinning in the classroom.


TC: Bryn! What have I said about bringing tornadoes inside?
BO: Well I don’t see my name on the tornado. Could be anyone’s.
TC: No Bryn, it could not. You wrote an essay on tornadoes when the topic was ”my favourite things”.
BC: Ummm… I copied from Cole.
TC: No you did not.
CS: Ahahaha! Pft.
TC: Ok kids: Are you interested in learning anything? And who brought a snowman into the classroom?
CS: Ahahaha!
TC: We won’t mind the tornado. Let’s continue class.
BO: Is class dismissed, Miss?
TC: No, it’s not, Bryn. Be seated!
CS: Who’s willing to die for me?

I sigh. ColeMarie disappears as I’m busy talking to the mother of a minor.

TC: Now where did Cole go?
BO: She’s truant.


ColeMarie comes back. I ask the silent student Marko Seurat:

TC: Marko, have you read about fog and rust for today’s class?
MS: I forgot my book.
TC: Sit together with Bryn. But did you do your homework?
MS: What homework?
TC bangs head in desk.
TC looks at her clock.
BO: You were supposed to build some walls for homework, Marko.
MS: I thought you were building the walls.
TC: We must all learn to build walls, Marko. Very important that.
MS: Metaphorically?
TC: Yes, that too. But that’s another class. This class is dismissed.
TC takes up a small bottle from under the desk and drinks.

Bryn leaves while ColeMarie is handing out pixie dust.

~ by theresecarfagno on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “A strange day at school”

  1. The tornadoe really WAS Bryn’s…
    I didn’t do THAT =( I could have :X
    That would have been great
    I was too distracted with particles
    and you kept bossing us around =(


  2. Yes Cole, I know it was Bryn’s tornado. And yeah, in a way I agree – it was great, but gee: I was *trying* to boss you around. Didn’t have much luck, though.

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