Discovering Zaara


How lovely it is to stumble upon a new shop full of clothes that you want – even more so when you actually can afford them as well. Zaara is such a new find to me. (I should mention Zaara Kohime actually opened her shop in January. I’ve obviously suffered from some kind of blindness.)

It was love at first sight as I entered this Indian clothes store. That came as quite a surprise, as I’m usually not the one that’s likely to dress up in a lot of different colours. But the colourful Mala freebie is wonderful, and so are most of their items.


My first purchase was something that didn’t surprise any of my friends: Black Ishaya slacks and a black Isis shirt (the transparency might have surprised some, though).


Afterwards, I got hold of a Nilaya raw silk cross jacket and a pair of Mitya shorts.

Those are the ones I’ve photographed so far. What you should see me wear soon is one of the fabulous saris that’s also for sale. Gee, I might as well buy everything at once and get it over and done with.

PS: My shoes in the first picture are from Tesla. They have a store in the Zaara sim.

~ by theresecarfagno on June 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Discovering Zaara”

  1. Oh my, Tess, Zaara opened her SIM in January, she has been around much, much longer! In fact her first shop was on the Tesla sim :-)

    I apologize for not having pointed her out to you earlier, as she is among one of my favourite designers, and I dragged Gina there countless times.

  2. Don’t worry, Peter – I don’t hold you responsible in any way :-) Right now I’m just happy to have found this wonderful place.

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