Bryn Oh and the Rabbicorn


Do you know what a Rabbicorn is? No? Don’t worry – it’s a fantasy animal thought up by the artist Bryn Oh, part rabbit, part unicorn. And today, Friday, she opens an exhibition at the IBM3 sim telling a story about this wonderful creature.

The story is being told in tableaus that you teleport between. Bettina Tizzy has said it’s like walking through a 3d picture book, and that is so true.

As for so much else of Bryn’s work, the story of the Rabbicorn is a sad and beautiful one, about loss, not belonging and being different, but it’s also told with a warm sense of humour.


The different tableaus might be the best work Bryn has done so far. Each a room, they’re beautifully lit, worked out with great attention to detail, there are some surprises here and there, and of course poems lying around telling you the story.

In fact, the atmosphere is so special that Bryn has decided no more than five people can be inside the exhibition at once. It’s easy to understand why: Standing in a laggy crowd would bring down the experience significantly. So if you don’t make it in on your first try, try again.


Here is Bryn describing the exhibition in her own words:

«Quite some time ago I thought up a character called the Rabbicorn. Part rabbit part unicorn. I built up this whole story in my mind about where she came from and how. I sketched it out wrote down the story and then I promptly put it on the shelf and made the Gashlycrumb Tinies build for Arcspace.

The Rabbicorn is connected to a variety of the characters I make, but to me she is one of my favorites. I had always planned on making this story in Second Life but I never had the space to do it properly. Immersiva is the world she lives in but to tell her story there would require me to delete most everything. So I was quite happy when IBM approached me to use one of their full sims for a project, and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.»

~ by theresecarfagno on July 10, 2009.

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